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Android Ringtone Picker

29 Mar 2017

category: Open Source

Simple Ringtone Picker dialog which allows you to pick different sounds from ringtone, alarm tone, notification tone and music from external storage.

Gradle dependency:

Add below dependency into your build.gradle file.

compile 'com.kevalpatel2106:ringtonepicker:1.0'

How to use?

Use RingtonePicker.Builder to build the ringtone picker dialog. Pass all the parameters and call RingtonePicker.Builder#show() to display ringtone picker dialog.

RingtonePickerDialog.Builder ringtonePickerBuilder = new RingtonePickerDialog.Builder(MainActivity.this, getSupportFragmentManager());

//Set title of the dialog.
//If set null, no title will be displayed.
ringtonePickerBuilder.setTitle("Select ringtone");

//Add the desirable ringtone types.

//set the text to display of the positive (ok) button. (Optional)
ringtonePickerBuilder.setPositiveButtonText("SET RINGTONE");

//set text to display as negative button. (Optional)

//Set flag true if you want to play the com.ringtonepicker.sample of the clicked tone.

//Set the callback listener.
ringtonePickerBuilder.setListener(new RingtonePickerListener() {
    public void OnRingtoneSelected(String ringtoneName, Uri ringtoneUri) {
        //Do someting with Uri.

//set the currently selected uri, to mark that ringtone as checked by default. (Optional)

//Display the dialog.
ringtonePickerBuilder.show(); </code>



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